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[Fic] Dancing and Dunking

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Title: Dancing and Dunking
Author: lil_1337
Fandom: High School Musical 1-3
Pairing/Characters: Ryan/Chad
Rating: G – NC-17, mentions of most of the rest of the cast
Word count: 2,048
Warnings/Kinks: sap, fluff, implied sexual activity, humor, boys being boys, mild angst
Summary: A series of Five Sentence Ficlets that showcase Chad and Ryan's relationship.
Disclaimer: They belong to Disney, sadly. If they were mine things would have ended much differently.

Written for idontdance's New Year's Potluck. The prompt list is table number one.

Melts in the mouth:

Ryan is an Evans and as such he is used to the finer things in life. While he is not anywhere near the food snob his sister is he usually turns his nose up at fast food. Eating at the school cafeteria fulfilled his daily dose of sugar, grease, and unknown food products. However, when Chad invited Ryan to join the Wildcats at McDonalds after winning the division championship he jumped at the chance. Sitting in a booth between Chad and Zeke, celebrating, Ryan's burger tasted better than anything he had ever eaten.

Breaking bread/fast:

Lots of early practices had worked their magic on Chad turning him into a morning person. Not that it was something he was happy about, mind you. The first time he spent the night with Ryan, Chad fell asleep safe in the knowledge that he would have no problem getting up in time to surprise Ryan with breakfast in bed. Waking up to the smell of eggs cooking came as quite a shock. Ryan did nothing to ease Chad's embarrassment when he stated, gesturing with the spatula to make his point that sports weren't the only thing that demanded that level of committment.

Pin drop:

"How come you're always hanging out with Evans?" Troy stood with his back against Chad's locker and unhappiness written all over his face.

"I like him...like you like Gabi." Chad glared back, letting the silence settle as Troy worked through the implications of his best friend's statement.

"Oh, okay then; let's play some hoops."

Measure of a man:

It took a lot of courage for Chad to tell his parents that he was gay. Adding that he was dating Ryan Evans didn't make that any more or less difficult. Telling his teammates and Coach Bolton was tough too, but Chad got through that okay. He even managed to summon up enough tact to tell Taylor in a way that would allow them to remain friends. In the end stepping out of the closet had been relatively easy compared to coming to terms with, and accepting himself for who he was.

Death and taxes:

Finals, Mr. Evans once told the twins, were like taxes. It was a way to see just how much you had grown and developed in the previous quarter. When Ryan shared this kernel of wisdom, mimicking his fathers tone and stance, it made Chad laugh out loud. While it did not remove the pressure of the upcoming tests it did ease the frown lines on Chad's face for just a moment. That, Ryan figured, made poking a little fun at his father worth it.

Pushing forty:

"I got a 39%! How could I get a 39%?"

Ryan plucked the test from Chad's flailing hand and looked it over. Making a tsking sound he handed it back with a shake of his head. "Michael Crawford is not the only actor in musical theater, Chad."

Two-part harmony:

For most of his life Ryan walked in the shadow of his sister. He never really minded or felt shunted to the side. At least not until the summer at Lava Springs where he directed the Wildcats and got a taste of what it was like to step out into the sun. Sharpay is and always will an important and valued part of his life, but during that small space of time Ryan began to understand what it was to be his own person. Chad, for his own part, watched the transformation with surprise and rapidly growing respect.

Almost too late:

Chad charged through the crowd at the Albuquerque International Airport, dodging people as he went. As he ran he kept his eyes peeled for a hat, one that would be sparkly no doubt and worn at a jaunty angle. Panting, as he finally saw it and put on a burst of speed, Chad caught Ryan before the other boy stepped up the security counter. Pulling Ryan into a hug, Chad held him tight as he tried to catch his breath enough to say the words that needed to be said. "Dude, I'm sorry, I love you."

Total eclipse:

Parking out in the desert Ryan announced that he had been looking forward to seeing the lunar eclipse all week. Chad was less thrilled about the idea it made him happy to see Ryan excited. A short time later, snuggled under a blanket and lounging comfortably on the hood of the car Chad was starting to see the appeal, especially when Ryan laced their fingers together, the look in his eyes clearly saying thank you. Pulling him close Chad brushed a soft kiss on his boyfriend's neck. When it came to Ryan, Chad thought he could get into the study of heavenly bodies.

Morning dip:

Summers at Lava Springs meant the pool was busy from the time it opened until it closed. This made swimming laps difficult. Plus Ryan really didn't want to be seen exercising when guests were around. So he pulled his weight with the board, aka mom, and got permission to swim in the morning before regular hours. The fact that this put him in position to see the kitchen staff arrive really had nothing to do with the decision.

Police, freeze! :

It was only one line in a community play and Chad was pretty sure he did a crappy job with it. All the reassurances in the world from Ryan did nothing to change his mind. After all, Ryan loved him and was not above telling white lies to save Chad's feelings. It was the grudging lack of insult almost bordering on a compliment from Sharpay that made him rethink things. Even though she had accepted his relationship with Ryan she still made no effort to keep from damaging Chad's ego.


It started off as a study session, but, as these things often do, morphed into something completely different. Chad claimed it was because of the close contact. Ryan blamed studying biology. Whatever the reason, subject, contact or hormones the result was the same, a brief but intense impromptu make out session. Fortunately Chad had the presence of mind to use Ryan's hat to mark his page.

White room/yellow hand print:

Painting sets, only one of Ms. Darbus' detention chores of choice, was far from Chad's favorite way to spend his time. In fact, he planned to get Troy back for his current predicament in a big way. If it wasn't bad enough that they were missing practice Troy was now making eyes at the new girl totally oblivious to their situation. This, the theater not detention, was as far out of his comfort range as possible. After all, it wasn't like he was, or had anything in common, with Ryan Evans.

Stay with me:

A strong arm locked him in place and soft lips nuzzled his ear. "Stay with me." Bright blue eyes flicked to the clock beside the bed and did some quick mental math. If he skipped his usual morning latte he could stay another half an hour and still make it to class on time. With a sigh of contentment Ryan snuggled back under the covers then pulled Chad close.

Walking tall:

Ryan walked away from the baseball game with a smirk curling the corners of his lips. He might have lost the battle, which grated a little, he had won the war. Chad ' I don't dance' Danforth had conceded that Ryan did indeed have game. More than that Chad's attitude had gone from disdainful to grudging respect. That knowledge more than anything, even the idea of directing the Wildcats, had Ryan walking on air.

Crazy like a fox:

"I guess you're right." Ryan shrugged then wiped his face before literally and proverbially throwing in the towel. "Here I thought if I could dance and play ball that surely you could too."

Chad glared at his teacher, fists curling at the less then subtle jab. "Game on, Evans, play the damn music!"

Years of erosion:

The sandstone around Lava Springs has been shaped by the wind, rain and a few of Mrs. Evans' more energetic shots. It has seen a lot of things over the years and fortunately it guards secrets well. There was the time that Vance and Darby decided to christen the golf course which resulted in not one, but two new members of the family. It witnessed Troy and Gabriella's unsuccessful attempt at a romantic picnic on the golf course. Also, Ryan's triumphant return to baseball though it missed the locker room kiss that resulted from it.


"Ry~an!" Sharpay screamed then slammed the door shut.

The sound of her heels clicking on the tile as she beat a hasty retreat was enough to cause both Chad and Ryan to break into laughter. When it stilled Chad pulled Ryan back down on top of him for a long slow kiss. "I'm glad she walked in when you were on top."

Just the beginning:

It started with a shared laugh and a mutual appreciation for what it was like to live in the shadow of your best friend. Over lattes, supplied by Ryan, and French fries, courtesy of Chad, their friendship began to glow. They learned the things that they had in common such as baseball and shared the love of the things each kept close as his alone. The more time they spent together the more they came to realize just how much they had in common. So, when their lips finally touched for the first time either one was really surprised.

Box of crackerjacks:

As a little boy Chad had loved Crackerjacks. They were his favorite treat, both salty and sweet in a happy mixture. As he got older Crackerjacks, as well as things like playing make believe with Troy, fell by the wayside in favor of basketball. With Ryan, Chad has rediscovered the joy of playing and pretending to be someone else. Now, life is much more multilayered like caramel coated popcorn he once loved and there is no doubt in his mind that he has the prize.

Proud as a peacock:

Before the senior play Chad had no idea how much time and energy it took to put on a production. To his credit he knew that Ryan did work outside of the practices over the summer, he just didn't know how much. Standing back stage and watching as the pieces came together into a complete show caused him to have an epiphany of epic proportions. The cast and crew of a show had the same camaraderie as a team and that made Ryan, Mr. Fosse yoga guy, the captain.

Sandpaper eyes:

It was late, or possibly early, when Ryan put the final touches on his American History essay. With the tips of his fingers he pressed lightly against the closed lids of his eyes relieved that he could finally rest. He was going to be feeling the lack of sleep later that day and the idea of trying to stay awake in class was painful to say the least. However, it meant that his weekend would be completely free of all academic obligations. Having three full days to spend alone with Chad made a little bit of sleep deprivation more than worth it.

Drop in the ocean:

Hawaii was beautiful. The beaches had snow white sand and the water was a breathtakingly clear blue. Spending two weeks lounging and relaxing sounded like the prefect graduation present. For Ryan it seemed more like the most beautiful prison in the world. That was until Mrs. Evans took pity on him and had Chad flown out to join them.

You’ve got a friend:

Ryan had always been on the outside looking in when it came to the Wildcats. Until that summer when Shar ditched him to perform with Troy, Ryan never really realized how small his social circle was. Without his sister he was pretty much on his own. The staff baseball game and subsequent show changed all that. Gabriella made it sure that he knew there was a place in the group for him. More importantly, at least to Ryan's point of view, he is now greeted with a smile and "Evans!" instead of rolled eyes or a dismissive snort.
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On January 21st, 2016 01:09 am (UTC), cgstyle commented:
I've never thought of reading HSM slash fics but honestly these drabbles are so cute X3
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On January 21st, 2016 03:31 am (UTC), lil_1337 replied:
Thank you. It is a really fun ship.
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