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5sentence_fics's Journal

Five Sentence Fics
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Welcome to the Five Sentence Fic community! Because LJ needed another writing community, right? Well, this one is a bit different than other writing communities, in that there is a real challenge involved. Using the themes provided, with your selected character, pairing or trio, you as a writer are challenged to write a ficlet in five sentences - word count does not matter, but correct grammar would be appreciated.


1. All pairings are allowed, including het, yaoi, yuri and crossovers. Likewise, all fandoms are allowed; not just anime. If you don't see it listed in the info section, doesn't mean it's not accepted - just means we missed it. Original work is encouraged!

2. Threesomes are allowed in any way shape or form, as the writer wants them to appear.

3. Themes can be written in any order as long as it’s from one table first before the second table is tackled. Interpret the themes in any way you want - So be creative.

4. Each ficlet must be written with the them in five sentences, regardless of word count.

5. You do not have to “request” a couple, but the writer is encouraged to complete at least one table with their couple, character, trio of choice prior to selecting another. In other words, one character, couple, pairing, trio at a time, please.

6. The pairings can be friendship. Hate or animosity pairings are encouraged. (By this, I mean a "hero" verus a "villian" set against one another, not necessarily a "hero" and "villian" doing the wild thing.) Genfic is encouraged as well – there’s so little of it in any fandom.

7. All ratings are accepted, but warnings are necessary for most everything out there. Please be sensitive to your readers.

8. No off-topic posts of any kind. If you are not a moderator, any post that is not a challenge response is considered OT.

9. No character bashing or pairing bashing in a fic or in feedback.

10. No flames or unsolicited harsh criticism. Concrit is highly encouraged, but keep it constructive. No character discussion outside the context of a story. If you think character A would not do/say/drink/eat something in the story, before you comment to say so, take a moment to ask yourself if they wouldn't do it because it's out of character in terms of your interpretation of canon, or in the realms of the world the author has established. If you feel it's out of character in general and are looking for a discussion/debate contact the author privately.

11. Finally, be polite and tolerant at all times. Treat the characters and your fellow fans with respect.


ALL stories must be posted behind an LJ cut. To use a cut, type < lj-cut text=[insert whatever here] > (you will need to remove the spaces before and after the > and <). This is very important, and you will be warned if it is not done. Thank you.

To keep clutter to a minimum in everyone's friend's list, please post at least five "ficlets" at a time.

Please include the table, the fandom, and the pairing (character(s) chosen) used in the header of your post:

[Table one (or two)] [Fandom] [Pairing (character)]

For the fic itself, please include this short info note:

Word Count: (optional)
Warnings: (necessary)

- OR -

Title: (here), Author: (here), Fandom: (here), Pairing: (here), Table/Theme: (here) Rating: (here), Word count: (optional; here), Warnings: (necessary; here), Disclaimer: (here)

To make it easier to locate table/fandom/character posts, please use tags when posting your stories. If a fandom or character you need is not there, please advise the community mods and we will add the tag to the list.

The Themes

There will be multiple tables, housing twenty-five themes each. Find the tables on the first post. Please stay with one table at a time, one pairing (or character(s) choice) at a time until all the themes (on any given table) have been written. You can stay with the same character choice(s) for any/all of the tables.

Affiliates: 1sentence, 7snogs, 10_passions, 30kisses

Your moderators for this community are merith (who can be emailed at merith@cox.net) and darthanne (who can be emailed at anne @ fanworkrecs.com).
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